Monday, 16 August 2010

sharing an award

last week I was sent an award by the lovely Tamara  @ A Treasured Past pop over and  say hi she has some interesting collections and would love to hear from you. I always think it's nice to see collecting from the other side of the world.
The only way to choose to share is to say,
I am sharing my award with the lovely bloggers who cheered me up this weekend.
Bayside Rose     Are We Nearly There Yet   
  Love To Craft     
  Woodbank Crafts
The Rambling Of An Everyday Mummy      + an extra one for my daughter who has gone away on a course  Backcombing and Bows  Good Luck Darling :)

 I sent off my Shabby Vintage Swop last week and because I know Sharon has received it I can show you a little bit of what I  sent,  this is the box I packed it in, but forgot to take pics of the rest, maybe Sharon will post it @ Clover Cottage I wish I could sew like Sharon you won't believe how long it took me to cut out a bit of bunting :)

Hope you all have a good week 
bye for now   Cate xx


Thecraftytrundler said...

I will definitely post the swap, it's gorgeous!! Yours will be posted tomorrow hun : )
If you lived nearer, we could have a sewing day, & I could have a decoupage lesson!!!
Congratulations on the award!!

Sharon xx

bekimarie said...

Thank you for a lovely award, has made my day xx
Your parcel looks gorgeous(right up my street), can't wait to see it's contents.
I tried getting in touch with my partner a few times but she never bothered replying so was a little sad that I missed out on this one!

B xxx

baysiderose said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely award with me. I feel honoured that you would think of me.
Pam xx

WoodbankCrafts said...

That looks a fab swap, I also particpated in this one but we must have been super organised as we did it a couple of weeks ago. I've just blogged about my seaside swap too. Having a break from swaps now but I'm sure there'll be another one out there soon to catch my eye :).

Thanks for sharing your award with me I was really chuffed seeing my name up there.

Nic xxx

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Awwwwww!! Thanks Hun!!! I must have missed your post and have only just realised I have an award! It's lovely, thank you so much. xxx

Jille said...

Thank you for my award, it was really kind of you!
There's nothing like a good forage, so keep up the battle against the squirrels!
Jille x

carol at home said...

Well the box certainly looked lovely... congrats on your award

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Cate, thanks for the lovely mention, and you are very deserving of the little award. Hope you are feeling better, Tamara :)

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Cate, nice to hear from you.

We are planning a trip in September 2011 (it will also be my 40th), but will have to get my surgery out of the way first.

see you, Tamara :)

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Well done on the award! We did well on the sandy dogs front thanks for asking, poor Toby woke up Sunday morning in what looked like a sandpit rather than a doggy bed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cate - thanks for your comment. The Vitafruit is a pot that heats & stirs. It was good but given that it costs £100 I'm not sure that I could justify buying one!xx