Friday, 27 August 2010

spotty cases

Sainsburys had a special offer last week these lovely spotty cake cases they were less than 60p, they also had very pretty lacy rings for around the top of cup cakes which would be nice for giving them as a gift but they don't last long enough here to need to look that good :)

I found this lovely book by Susanna Tee last week, it has a receipe for a strawberry cupcake baked  in a teacup not your best china of course.
I had a surf around the web out of curiosity and couldn't believe some of the cupcakes out there I now feel totaly inadequate  :)

                  I love this logo
Great British Cupcake Logo                    

might need a trip to Brighton :)                    

Looks like it might be the usual soggy Bank Holiday :)
 never mind indulge in some cake, you could even share your favourite receipe. Whatever you do enjoy yourselves

Cate x


baysiderose said...

Hi Cate, I made some cupcakes recently and they were gone in five minutes. No fancy cases, basic plain lemon icing and the 21 and 18yo wanted more! Childhood party memories were stirring I guess.
Love your dotty cases. Cupcakes appear to be a million dollar business these days don't they? Have a great weekend and get baking!

A Treasured Past said...

Morning Cate, I love cupcakes but the element in our oven died a few weeks ago so I can't bake a thing! You must try the cupcake recipe that I linked to for Indias Birthday, they are the easiest to make and delicious :) Love the little cup cake cases, so pretty.

We are will be sharing the rain with you..apparently it hasn't rained this much in Bungendore since 1998.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend :) Tamara x

The Patchwork Heart said...

I too bought the sainsburys cases, couldnt resist them! They are adorable aren't they
Heather x

Tabbyroo said...

Think that's a great quirky idea to bake a cake in a teacup, could be a good use for all those odd cups I have!:)Linda

bellaboo said...

It's just amazing the variety of cupcakes you can make now isn't it?
I remember as a child baking what my Mum called iced buns..the cupcake equivalent I guess! Love those pretty cases you found.
Re-my favourite chocolate? has to be Belgian!
Have a great weekend :o)

Annie said...

Cupcakes are very popular in this house, my daughter has been working her way through the hummingbird bakery cookbook trying out different cup cakes. The spotty cases from Sainsbury are great,I will keep my eyes open for them.
Ann x

A Treasured Past said...

Morning Cate,

Thickened cream in Australia is a little thicker then pouring cream (consistency of milk), but it is still runny. It still needs to be whipped for scones etc.

Double cream here is kinda like a dollop cream that will hold its shape when spooned out and doesn't need to be whipped.

Also with the cupcakes recipe I made Muffin sized ones (they make 10).

Hope this helps :) Tamara

A Treasured Past said...

Oh, and I used real vanilla extract not imitation essence, so they are nice and vanillary (if that is a word )..he he

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Hey Cate, hope you have a good weekend too, it's been rubbish in Newcastle today, but three days off work, cannot complain! Might have to take a look in the supermarket for some cupcake items, they're really popular now, used to be you had to go to specialist shops for nice bakewear!