Monday, 9 August 2010

Do onions make you cry?

When I downloaded my pics I found this, my son had taken it after helping to make dinner.
Shhhh  don't tell him I have told you :)


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Cate, yes they do, especially the brown ones..ha ha. What a fantastic photo, perfect heart and all. Your son must have a very good eye. bye, Tamara

p.s. did you have any luck with copying the image?

Anne aka La Vie en Rose said...

Awww, bless!

Elizabeth said...

Oh how cute is that! That onion would definetly bring tears to my eyes!
Love all your pretties you got at the Boot Fair!
Have a lovley day Cate!

Tabbyroo said...

Great onion photo, would make a good card. Beautiful finds especially the watch Lindax

Jille said...

There are little moments like this to be thankful for our children (we all know that next moment when they are toads!)enjoy the moment!
Jille x

Toby Tea Cozy said...

What a sweetie!